Jay Butler, Senior Support Consultant

Question: I received a notice from Symantec about a new product called Symantec Endpoint Protection. What is it? Do we need it?

Answer: Symantec Endpoint Protection is actually a new product that replaces Symantec Antivirus Corporate Edition (SAVCE). It is an upgrade to the previous version of SAVCE, but the process to load it is completely new.

I caution you not to try the upgrade thinking it will work seamlessly like previous methods. This upgrade is far more complex and requires careful planning to be successful. This version includes Endpoint Security used to provide a method of securing USB ports and other user accessible devices on network computers. We have had numerous server down calls after clients attempted this upgrade.

You do not need this new version to maintain your current virus protection. The last version of SAVCE and several previous versions provide the same quality virus protection of this latest release. If you do have any questions or comments concerning an upgrade, please contact your Account Manager at 770.752.0550.

To learn more about Symantec Endpoint Protection, attend February’s webinar about Symantec Endpoint Protection on 2/19 from 10-11 ET or 2/28 from 2-3 ET.

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