As a side note to our Education Services, I would like to mention a new workshop Safe Systems will soon offer. As we have been mentioning for a while and throughout this newsletter, hardware/software vendors will soon only be able to send you Vista Machines. According to Dell, they will try to offer Windows XP to small businesses until the summer of 2008, but Microsoft is pushing PC manufactures hard to agree to only sell Vista.

Therefore, on November 8th and 20th, we will offer a Vista webinar that will cover some of Vista’s nuances. Then on December 12th and January 25th, we will offer a one-day workshop for employees who need Vista training. As with all our classes, the Vista workshop will be “hands-on” with users configuring the basic settings of Vista along with some of the new security and reliability features. These workshops will be held at our corporate Training Center in Alpharetta, Georgia.

Please keep an eye on our training calendar ( for more training dates, and if you have other training needs you feel we could address, please call or email us at

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