Jackie Marshall, SVP, IT Regulatory Compliance

One of the required provisions of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act section 501b is periodic training. Safe Systems, Inc.’s sister company (Gladiator Technology Services, Inc.) is making it easier to comply with GLBA by offering eSAT (their online Security Awareness Training).

Financial institutions are required to provide information security training to personnel on a periodic basis. Effective delivery of this instruction is an important strategy to ensuring that personnel understand and accept your policies and procedures. A proactive approach will also benefit your reputation and provide a strong foundation for the expectations of an IT exam.

The basis for an effective information security awareness training program includes review and acceptance of Board-approved policies and procedures that include up-to-date trends and tactics. Every employee should have a clear understanding of social engineering and pretext calling methods, cyber threats, clean desk policy, shredding documents, and how to respond to an attempted breach of security. Gladiator’s training also includes steps for employees to guide accountholders in avoiding spyware and protecting their information from identity theft.

By empowering your personnel with the specific knowledge to effectively secure non-public confidential information, you will be helping to ensure accountholder confidence in your institution’s products and services.

Benefits of Gladiator’s eSAT:

  • FFIEC and GLBA based content
  • Available any time, day or night
  • Track course access by user
  • Facilitates a risk-based approach to protecting non-public confidential information
  • Addresses internal and external threats unique to financial institutions
  • Defines security controls to protect information in all forms (paper, digital, and verbal)
  • Training for new employees
  • Includes concepts for training accountholders on identity protection
  • Questions/answers at the end of each module to test employee comprehension
  • Standardized consistent message
  • Online convenience versus holding on-site company meetings
  • Course completion certificate when final assessment is passed

Please call 770.752.0550, and ask for your Account Manager or our Education Department to obtain additional information on eSAT.

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