Curt Frierson, VP, SouRCe Services, Security | Research | Consulting

In today’s fast-paced environment, there is a compelling movement to do more with less. For some organizations, this philosophy involves utilizing the latest technological advancements to replace, reduce, or reorganize functions that are ineffective or outdated. Leveraging these emerging technologies can often provide a significant enhancement in the efficiency of performing routine procedures. However, blindly implementing the “product de jour” can be a recipe for disaster when viewed under the lens of network security.

So, how can you effectively implement new technology while preserving the security of your information assets? The answer is with informed decision-making and risk management. Safe Systems and Gladiator Technology Services are initiating a new offering to assist financial institutions in managing these processes. This tool is a sequence of informational articles entitled Emerging Technology Series. The goal of the Emerging Technology Series is to assist community financial institutions in evaluating the risks associated with new technologies during their decision-making process. Knowing the risks posed by a particular technology can help a financial institution make more informed decisions on which products to implement in their environment. This process can then prepare your financial institution for the ongoing management of the technology and its associated security controls. Approaching technology decisions in this manner will help ensure that you can achieve your business objectives without inadvertently weakening your network infrastructure.

The first installment of the Emerging Technology Series will focus on wireless networking. While it is not on the bleeding-edge of technology, wireless networking has been slow to emerge in financial institution environments due to security concerns. Lately, however, interest over the functionality and productivity gains wireless networking can provide has been steadily increasing. If your institution is one of those wrestling with the decision to implement wireless networking, please look for our next newsletter, where the Emerging Technology Series will premier.

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