Danny Johnston, President & CEO

Solid, solid, solid. That is my synopsis of Safe System’s performance in 2005. We continue to be THE premier network services provider to financial institutions in the Southeastern United States.

Safe Systems continued to hire network engineers in 2005 for both the Support Center and the general engineering staff to accommodate our clients’ needs and expectations. We continue to maintain an astounding customer retention rate of 99%. We added 30 new bank customers and processed over 280 installation contracts, easily a record number. Our combined company profit improved 18.6% over last year and we surpassed $10,000,000 in revenue.

The account management group has reduced the number of banks that individual account mangers handle so that they can better concentrate on each individual institution. Network and security services are becoming so integrated that in order to address regulatory expectations the financial institutions must manage them as one. In order to assist you in addressing this, your account managers have become more involved in bank technology committees, have expanded quarterly system reviews, enhanced the annual system review, and actively participated in other important activities such as exam preparation and security awareness training. All of this is to help you have a successful IT exam.

Project Management also added an additional person to help them expand the total management process and quality of service. This resulted in better communications with each bank, an enhanced ability to maneuver through the complex process of an installation, and establish a more turnkey project from beginning to end. While scheduling was tight at times, we focused on a quality installation over trying to get as many projects in as quickly as possible. We recognize that for your bank to have a dependable reputation it is important to have a solid technology foundation.

A record call volume was handled by the Support Center. We have recently committed to purchase a new call tracking system to facilitate our growth and track our performance. Safe Systems also created a security specialist position staffed by a CISSP to quickly respond to those types of issues. Additionally, the training center added new in-house training classes, introduced monthly training webinars, and is developing on-line training alternatives to help you handle the increased regulatory expectations on your staff.

Rest assured that in 2006 we will continue to provide a high quality of service. In addition to the on-line training initiative, we will be expanding the scope and automation of the annual system review, addressing the ever changing world of securing your existing network via our security services, providing some centralized backup solutions to address storage issues and concerns, and introducing a managed systems program to proactively monitor key performance issues on your servers and other network components through the support center.

We look forward to working with you in 2006. Thank you for being such great clients and references. It is the key to our ability to grow and enhance your services. Most importantly, thank you for your trust and confidence


Danny Johnston
President & CEO

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