Financial institutions exist in a fast paced world. Anything can change in a moment. Regulations come and go. Software changes. New security threats are uncovered. Safe Systems, Inc. Education Services takes a proactive, not reactive, approach to these changes and is continually updating and revising our training classes.

The latest class to undergo revision is the Basic Network Administrator Training Class. The newly revised class features a practical, more hands-on approach. Students are given the opportunity to practice in class with the instructor available to answer any and all questions. A few of the topics students will learn and practice include network essentials: how to join a PC to a domain, Active Directory, Symantec Anti-Virus, and Backup Exec. Additionally, all students receive a newly revised manual. The manual contains information discussed in class in an easy to search format, allowing the student to look up and solve problems on their own.

The Basic Network Administrator Training Class is a two day class offered on a bi-monthly basis at our office in Alpharetta, Georgia. Every Network Administrator should undergo the Basic Network Administrator Training Class at least once. After taking the initial class, the Network Administrator should either retake the class every two years or attend Safe System, Inc.’s Network Administrator Webcasts to remain current on all networking issues.

We’re not taking a chance on security, why should you?

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