David Brooks, Director of Account Management

The Annual System Review (ASR) is a critical component of the networking support we provide our clients. It outlines and highlights the key statistical items and steps you, as the bank, have taken to harden your network infrastructure, usually at the request of auditors and examiners. It also makes recommendations for future enhancements based upon the every-changing network environment.

Over the next couple of months you will notice a change in the ASR documentation. First, we have updated the look and feel of the ASR document. The document will contain the same critical data as before: network information, schematic and recommendations. In order to help make the document more user-friendly, we have reversed the order of the document. Now, the document will start with “Findings and Recommendations,” followed by the “Network Schematic” and the “Technical Network Information.” Our hope is that this new format will make internal presentation and response to recommendations easier.

We will also be introducing an Account Summary binder to the Annual System Review meeting. This binder will summarize all of our activity with you during the year. It includes support calls, quotes and contracts, correspondence, copies of each Quarterly System Review and a copy of the Annual System Review. This document will aid in expanding the Annual System Review meeting into a full review of the past year, not just a review of the ASR document.

Our success as a company depends on your continued satisfaction. With that in mind, we will continue to update our services and deliverables to meet the ever-changing world of technology management. Please give me a call anytime you see opportunities for us to improve our level of service to you.

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