Credit Union Vendor Management. The What, Why and How for Regulatory Compliance

May 31, 2017

2 – 3 pm EST

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With tight regulations and increased scrutiny on vendor management programs, credit unions need to understand how to implement, maintain and continually improve the methods they use to manage their vendor relationships. Recent surveys reveal the necessity for a simple, yet deliberate approach, including involvement by senior management and various employees. Examiners expect to see a vendor management program that can easily report on how the credit union rates risks, documents risk mitigation plans, and ensures compliance with FFIEC regulations.

Helpful for

IT Administrators, ISOs, Operations, CIOs,
CTOs, CEOs, Presidents, Vendor Managers

What You’ll Learn

• Defining Vendor Management

• Why your old methods and simple spreadsheets are not good enough

• What to consider when developing your Vendor Management program

• A live look into Safe Systems’ popular Vendor Management solution

• How you can get started with a no-obligation trial

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